Ferries are Musical Too.

Ferries are musical too.

This past weekend, Will and I went away for the weekend because it was our wedding anniversary.  We went over to the WA peninsula, which requires a ferry to get to.  We spent 2.5 days there and slowly started to make our way back towards home yesterday afternoon.

We were sitting in our car on the return ferry trip near Kinsgton, and my album was in rotation in the CD player.  I hadn’t listened to my album for quite a while and so when it came on, because it had been so long it was like I was hearing it with fresh ears.

The song “Prelude in F” was playing and I could have sworn I heard a choir of voices singing along with it – just humming a continued note.  I thought “This piece was just solo piano, there are no voices in this song.”  I listened again and heard it.  I thought our car stereo was creating some sort of extremely delayed reverb or something. I said to Will, “Do you hear that?”  and he said, “Hear what?”.  So I turned off the music, and listened and immediately realized that the note I was hearing was coming from the hum of the ferry!  Because we were sitting on the cardeck and the windows not having glass, it was kind of like the ferry had turned into a giant flute with the wind playing through the steel airpockets and windows through the car deck and it was creating lingering windy humming noise on the note of D just above middle C. 

It was actually really cool – it fit in perfectly with the key of the song and actually made me think that adding a small choir of humming voices to that piece might be rather great!  We sat there for another minute enjoying nature’s addition to our car music and then, the ferry made a sharp turn northwestern on the port bow and poof!  Our note was gone! 

I just had to laugh.  As we continue to make cheesy jokes about what the “F” stands for in “Prelude in F” (the real reason is of course the key it was written in), Will so wittingly pointed out that on that day, it stood for “Ferry”.

– J


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