I’m on Pandora!

Great news!! My album “Key of Sea” is now on rotation on Pandora (an intuitive internet “radio” site). 

I love Pandora! These folks are quite musically savvy.  They go through each of your songs and “categorize” them from things such as “meandering melodic phrasing, accoustic sonority, demanding instrumental part writing, major key tonality” and etc, etc, etc.  They are so incredibly detailed with this, which is how the station is intuitive in finding other artists that suit your taste. 

Check it out:  www.pandora.com and just “add a new station” and then do a search for “Jennifer Thomas”. 

Also – as it is Will and my 2nd wedding anniversary on Sunday, the 25th, in celebration of this I just posted “Will’s Song” (I removed “The Red Aspens”)  This song was among one of the first I composed, and it was written for Will, my husband and best friend. 

I started writing it when we were just dating, and it took me months…and months to finish it.  The song itself sort of tells the story of us.  I finally finished the song about 3 weeks before our wedding in March of 2005 and was able to perform it at our wedding reception – as a gift to Will.

Anyway this song has a lot of meaning for me – from the moments when I was at the piano writing it and seeing it evolve right along with our love. Every ounce of this song is emotion – it is about love and beauty and excitement of it. I hope you enjoy it.



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