Random Factoids about Moi

Some random thoughts today:

I try to keep my MySpace page professional – meaning I don’t post very much personal info on here.  (I know – I know, how boring is that?)  I have a family website (a couple actually!), but as far as my “music career” is concerned, I just try to keep most of it about the music and keep what is most sacred and special to me private.  

On that note though, putting one’s own creativity out there for the world to see is a very personal thing.  Most artists have to develop a “thick skin”, as most people in this world feel that once an artist puts him or herself out there, what is left on the table is no longer their’s, but the world’s to own and disect and judge. 

While my music is very personal to me and is many ways my “gift” to anyone willing and wanting to listen – today I just wanted to give you the other personal side of me.  I don’t do it often, but here you go – some very random things about me you probably didn’t know…

     – Right now I’m wearing pink fuzzy slippers on my feet while typing and eating a bowl of Cream of Wheat with brown sugar sprinkled on it.   

     – I work out at the gym most days of the week, if I can. 

     – My favorite color is pink, aquamarine, black, red, and ivory. Ok so I don’t have one favorite.

     – I’m very happily married.  No children. Yet.  And I think I have the bestest, most kindest, handsomest and thoughtful man in the world.  His name is Will.

     – My favorite piano is a Fazioli.  Then a Steinway.

     – My favorite violin is one that makes me sound better than I really am.

     – Aside for writing music, performing, and marketing my new album, I’m also a part-time property manager. 🙂 It allows me to work from home and have a music studio and set my own hours.

     – I’m a natural redhead.  5th Generation, actually.  But my hair is more on the strawberry-blonde side, while my mother and 4 generations up all had very red hair.

     – My husband and I have a 60-gallon salt water fish tank that contains 1 blue tang, 1 clown fish (Dori and Nemo), 1 blue fish that we named “Blue Fish”, a clam, feather duster (a type of sea worm), several turbo snails, some little crabs and several smaller snails.  We hope to add more to our family soon. 🙂

     – I’m also an amateur web designer.  I currently have 5 projects.  No, I don’t really want more.  I only started doing it as a hobby and to maintain our family website and somehow accepted more and more projects. 

     – I used to be a Fraud Investigator for eBay, and I have a Paralegal Degree.

     – I usually like to eat some piece of chocolate every single day.

     – My favorite past-time is Friday nights at Blockbuster getting our video for the night, going home and popping popcorn and snuggling on the couch while watching it.  Actually, if ice cream is involved it’s an even better past-time.

     – I’m Mormon.  Which also means I’ve never had an alcoholic beverage in my life, or smoked a cigarette, and only on very rare occassions have let cuss words slip my lips. LOL  Really, I’m a cool person though.

     – All 4 of my grandparents are still living.  My mom’s parents still hike and camp every summer in Eastern Oregon.

     – Speaking of outdoors, I’m also an avid snow skier.  We just finished skiing Whistler last month.  My favorite skiing spot is SnowBasin outside of Ogden, UT.  I ski on Rossy’s and up until this ski season, I was using the same Salomon ski boots that I’ve had since I was 15 years old.  It was time for new ones.

     – I also sea kayak, and Will and I usually take one backpacking trip a year.  I love to rollerblade, snorkel, and visit anywhere that has sandy beaches and palm trees.

     – I’m a total bargain shopper.

     – I own a Kawai CN270, a Kursweill PC88, a Palmer violin (handmade), a guitar, and am getting a new piano next week.  Those are my instruments in my studio.  Along with a huge library of expensive software and plugins, and a computer with a humungous harddrive and lots of memory to hold and run it all. (Isn’t modern technology great?)

     – When I go to movies at the theater, most of the time I’m more perplexed by the movie soundtracks than what is going on in the film.

     – I love period movies.  Some of my favorites are “Pride and Prejudice” (the A&E version first and foremost, then the Keira Knightley, then the 2005 modern Mormon version).  I also TOTALLY loved “Marie Antoinette” this year; by far one of the most beautiful movies I’ve seen in a long time.

     – Much of my inspiration to write music comes from imagry, feelings, or personal experiences.  As I continue to evolve as a musician, I’m finding more and more of my compositions come out of a feelings or words – such as “peacefulness”, or “anger” or “searching”.  Stories, poems, and art influence me strongly – and I find it easier to write music for stories and themes.  And I also get a lot of inspiration from classical music.

    – I love to write music in minor keys.  I know, not exactly “happy music”.  But it’s not angry or sad either – just intense and intriguing.

     – I got asked out by 1/2 the Russian ski team during the 2002 Winter Olympics after a performance in Salt Lake City.  (I said no. Boyfriend.)

     – A few months ago I was performing at the Roosevelt Hotel in downtown Seattle, and was hit on by a drunken transient who told me my name was Betty and was sent from God into his life, and then he proceeded to make up lyrics to the Mozart piece I was playing before he finally passed out and had to be hauled off by the medics.  Whew!

     – I have 2 parents, 3 brothers, 4 grandparents, 35 cousins, 8 aunts and uncles, 8 neices and nephews (3 on the way), 22 immediate in-laws, and approximately over 150 distant inlaws.  My husband comes from a family of 12 if that explains anything.

     – I love to laugh, and people often tell me it’s my most recognizable trait.  In a GOOD way (I don’t have one of those annoying laughs).

     – On a good day, I practice the piano an hour everyday.  On a bad day, none.  When I have a performance coming up, it will jump up to 2-3 hours a day or more.

     – The only way I can eat apples is if they are sliced, cored, and peeled.  Okay I have this thing with skins and crusts. I don’t like bread crusts, potato skins, apple skins, anything that still has it’s outer layer on. Bleck. When I was a child my mom would always get after me for not finishing the crusts on my sandwiches (I would try to hide them underneath a napkin).

     – My favorite composers are Beethoven, Mozart, Liszt (though his hands were so big it’s hard to play most of his works), Prokofiev, Stravinksy, Debussy, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Bartok (yes, Bartok), Copeland, Haydn, Vivaldi, and probably a lot more but I don’t want to bore you to death.

     – I used to have a birthmark on my chin until I was 14 years old, at which time my parents so generously got me laser surgery to zap it off.  Hallelujiah.

     – I’m a total girly girl and love to get all dressed up. I also love to give my friends makeovers.  I love to make things beautiful -whether it’s people, or my home. (I also love to decorate).

     – I have a rather good memory.  Not photographic or anything, but I can memorize huge amounts of music, etc.  I always remember people that I meet. I might not always remember their names, but I remember faces and get annoyed when I am introduced to someone for the 2nd or 3rd time and they don’t remember me. (silly them). All I can say is “Yes I’ve met you twice before, the first time you were wearing a red shirt and we met at church.”  Makes them feel silly.  Makes ME feel silly for embarrassing them. But I hate pretending to be alloof.

     – My mom would make me get up at 6:00 in the morning before school to practice the violin and piano for an hour.  Then I would have orchestra practice at 7:30 – 8:30, and THEN go to my first class.  I was 7.

     – I have a LOT of clothes.  Yes I’m a shopper.  I have enough formal dresses to dress a group of high school girls going to prom.  I have 14 black formal dresses alone (thanks to years of playing in orchestras).  I also have around 15-20 pairs of flip-flops.  At least.  I haven’t counted recently. 

     – I hate wearing shoes that require me to put socks on.

     – My favorite restaurant is the Cheesecake Factory.

     – I keep swearing I’m going to cut my hair, but never do. I’ve had long hair for as long as I remember. 

      – When I was 5 years old I was supposed to sing a duet with my mom in front of a large audience at a dinner/entertainment show (a song she wrote).  I was terrified and hid underneath our dinner table hoping nobody would find me. But of course I was found and was convinced (or dragged) up on stage to sing.  It’s no wonder I didn’t end up a singer.

       – My biggest pet peeves are when you are talking to someone and they answer their cell phone in front of you as if you aren’t there anymore.  You’re in a public place and someone is having an involved conversation on their cell phone and you can’t help but overhear every detail, whether you want to or not.  When someone’s cell phone goes off during church or a concert.  The fact that I have lost, ruined, or had my cell phone stolen 5 times within the last year. 

Oh excuse me, my cell phone is ringing so I’m going to have to end this.



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