Fan Art: According to a 5th Grader

So, I just found out last week from my mother-in-law that a 5th grader at one of her schools wrote a creative writing assignment on one of my songs and how it made her feel!  To say the least, I was very flattered.  So Amanda, here it is – your 5th grade creative writing assignment. Thanks for letting me share with everyone.

Maybe I’m a bit biased, but I think you surely deserve an A+! And I should also hire you as my publicity woman.



One song I enjoy is “A Beautiful Storm” by Jennifer Thomas.  It makes me feel like lying down and closing my eyes. I feel if I’m on a beach lying on warm sand, listening to the ocean’s rolling tide.  I feel the wind brushing my skin and tingling through my spine.

Soon I see a storm rolling over the ocean!  I hear the piano play as if the rain was hitting the ocean, and the beach.  Then a soothing violin comes in.  With the piano’s rain and the violin’s gentleness, it feels as if it were one.  With that thought it sounds so beautiful and relaxing. 

Towards the end of the song the sun starts breaking through the clouds, and gives you a warm feeling.

Not many have had the opportunity to hear this relaxing song.  Let alone hear her music! I feel lucky to hear her work.

Amanda S., Idaho Falls, Idaho


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