The Red Aspens and A Beautiful Storm – NEW

I just removed “O Mio Babbino Caro” and replaced it with “The Red Aspens”.  (Don’t worry for you OMBC lovers, you can still listen to clips of it on my website,,, or, etc.)

I recently had a friend request to hear more of my solo piano work, and so here it is!  “The Red Aspens” is a piece I wrote after a drive through the beautiful Wasatch mountains in Utah in the fall, when all of the leaves were changing colors. I was particularly taken with the red aspen trees.   I hope you enjoy this song.  It seems to be one of my most popular.  A friend actually used this song to walk down the aisle at  her wedding last summer.

Also – sorry to those who had “A Beautiful Storm” running on their page – I just removed it and replaced it with the FULL length version (I only had a clip up before).  AND….(drum roll please)…it’s downloadable. Consider it my gift to you 😉 LOL  Enjoy!  (It may take a while for myspace to update the new songs, be patient).  Thanks for all your support.

– J


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