New Song “Fly Away”

I just posted a new song, “Fly Away” – an idea I’ve been messing around with this past week.  Later on I’ll be adding a vocal track to it – sort of an ethereal sound (Lori-ann from No Escape – I recommend checking out her myspace page (listed in my top 10 friends) and listening to the vocal chords on that girl -she is amazing). 

This is just a scratch track – no mastering or EQ’ing done.  I  noticed after I finished writing it that some parts sound like the right hand piano line in my song “A Beautiful Storm”.  I actually didn’t intend that, but they are in the same key – D minor.  It was essential to write Fly Away in this key as well so that it would be easy for violin (I needed to have the two open strings at the bottom to make the crossovers easier – the D and A strings).

Ok now I’m just rambling. You should get the idea though.  Let me know what you think!

– Jen


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