Help – Long lost video footage

Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if I could ask for your help.  A few years ago I was a concerto soloist with a symphony in Salt Lake City, Utah and somehow lost the video footage from it.  I know that there were others there that night taking film footage as well, and if I can just find them or get a hold of them that would be wonderful.

I’ve actually been trying to accomplish this task for over a year with no success. I figure since I know several people from UT I might somehow make a connection.  Here is some info that might help:

Symphony:   Murray Symphony located in Murry, UT

Conductor:  Clinton Frohm

Date of performance:  May 4, 2002

My performance selection:  Edward MacDowell’s Piano Concerto No. 2

Names of individuals I’ve been trying to get in contact with (who also performed in this concert): 

    Kerry Ann Hermann (violinist)

    Stephen Kasteler (pianist)

    Jeff Gritton (pianist)

I figure with youtube, myspace and whatnot I might have better success trying to track this footage down – but would better my luck by putting the word out. 

I’ll give a free CD to anyone who can help. Thanks!



One response to “Help – Long lost video footage

  1. Jennifer, I’m sure that my parents still have the video footage for the concert. I thought we’d already communicated about this, and maybe this has been resolved (I just did a search and this blog came up). Let me know if you are still looking for this footage.

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