Some Exciting Stuff

Wow I am blogging a lot!  Hope you are not too bored already.  I seriously don’t blog this often, but wow lots of stuff happening.  Just a few fun things….

– Last week my music started airing on KZION radio down in Utah, a Christian based internet radio station.  Though my music is not “Christian” music (not meaning that I am not Christian (I am), but that my music is not in the “Christian” Genre), it is pretty rad that they are playing my stuff.  That’s exciting. I’ve been on their rotation since 1/18/07 and as of today I am the #3 most requested artist.  Actually my songs “A Beautiful Storm” came in at #3, and “The Red Aspens” is the #9 most requested song.  Spiffy!

– This Friday I will be a featured guest on the Grapevine Radio Show that airs out of Salt Lake City, UT (the #8 most popular online radio station in the U.S…..I actually just found that out today myself ).  So if you want to listen, tune in at 1:30 MST at

– Yet again today another film producer approached me about scoring music for an indie film they are filming later this year.  Goodness gracious!  Apparently everyone thinks my music would be great movie music.  Well, I think so too, but quite honestly I’ve never scored a film before.  I turned down the first two directors, but this time I’m thinking about it.  I’ll keep you updated.

– On the same note, I’m thinking about registering for the Northwest Film Scoring Academy here in Seattle this summer for their super intense summer course.  Typically their programs run in semesters (Film Scoring I, FS II, FS III, etc.).  However, they do a very intense short summer program that basically condenses the courses into one.  I’m only in the consideration stage right now.  It is a very pricy course, not to mention loads of homework that would require additional brain cells. LOL You think I’m joking but I’m not. I downloaded their “Sample Music Theory” test from their website the other day and was completely blown away! Can YOU tell me how to notate out the C Lydian, F Phyrgian, C Logrian, E Dorian and B Mixolydeon modes of scales?   That’s what I figured. And I even went to college for this music stuff! 😉

– On a simpler note, my music is currently being reviewed by a fairly large distribution company.  I will find out if they want to sign a contract with me sometime late February.  My goodness this marketing stuff does take a long time, but I have to say…not as long as composing and recording an album.  So I’ll shut up and be happy.

That’s it for now fokes. See – I’m so tired I can’t even spell folks right!  ‘Night.

– J


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