More Fan Poetry

A listener from Germany wrote this poem, originally in German but he translated it to English.  I will post both.  The poem was written after listening to the song “Where Eagles Soar”, written by my mother Carolyn Southworth .  I had made a scratch recording of the song about 2 years ago for piano and violin (which is how the fan heard the song). However,  once she released her CD in 10/1/06 I removed the song from Soundclick and Download (which is I believe it was posted). 

Anyway – you’ll have to visit her site to hear the new and improved version of “Where Eagles Soar” (It features Grammy Award nominated Guitarist Paul Speer, and Grammy Award winner Nancy Rumbel).  Her version is completely different from what my arrangement was – her’s is very “rock”, whereas mine was sort of “new age-y”.  – J

Please enjoy the very talented poetry of Silas Landeck.

Melody of fateSilas Landeck

hovering on the music of the cloud
can’t grasp that she is so –
the little melody
easily finding her way

Feel these heart rending sounds
A miracle of music on earth
Can enchant
One man all alone,
Who doesn’t know anything.

Legato, and simply this tragedy
In music lines many points describe
Life not better than the dead.
Contrasts harmonize, One tone overreigns
Not more than just one
Is she
or are we?


Melodie des SchicksalsSilas Landeck

Schwebe auf der Musik der Wolke
Kann nicht fassen das sie so
Die kleine Melodie
Sicher ihren Gang findet.

Fühle diese herzzereißenden Töne
Ein Wunder der Musik auf Erden
Kann einen Menschen
Ganz allein verzaubern,
Der nicht mehr weiß.

Gehalten, und einfach diese Tragödie
In Notenlinien viele Punkte beschreiben
Das Leben nicht besser als der Tod.
Gegensatz harmoniert, Ein Ton überregiert
Nicht mehr als eine
Ist sie
Oder wir?



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