Texting, texing, 1,2,3

Dear Text Message,

I know that you have become uber popular – and have done an outstanding job of educating the youth of America on what an acronym is. Yay for you!  You are just too cool.  I mean YAJTC!

But you are becoming an annoyance for me.  I hate to tell you that, but it’s true. 

You have started replacing personal emails and phonecalls from my friends.  And when holidays come around, instead of getting a card I get a message from you that I know you didn’t send just to me, but to everyone on the contact list.  And it’s not just friends you’ve obsessed, but its the older folks too!  Pretty soon I’ll probably be getting texts from my Grandma.

And what is worse, is I have to pay for all your messages whether I like it or not.  Even if I don’t give in and reply. 

So dear text message, without an ounce of sadness I have to tell you that we can no longer be friends.  Not that I ever paid for your service on my cell phone in the first place.  I will stick with my friends – Email and Phone call.  They are both much more personal and inviting.

So long,



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