Official Release Date

It is with great pleasure that I can tell you all that my CD will be officially released on Friday, December 22, 2006.  So that is exciting.

Last Sunday I was able to perform as a soloist in a Christmas concert where we had about 1,200 people in attendance.  I performed “Carol of the Bells” (my own arrangement mixed in with a little George Winston).  It went really well.  I actually had a lot of fun performing.  I always get really nervous before I have to perform, but once I’m up there at the piano – I have a really great time.  This last concert I was just really enjoying myself. 

I was up at this piano sharing a stage with a choir and some other soloists.  Right in the middle of my solo I decided to take my eyes off of the keyboard and look around (since I had the piece completely memorized) and I noticed everyone intently watching me.  I just smiled and kept playing.  For once I would really love to see what the audience is seeing!  I had so many people come up to me afterwards and tell me “You are so fun to watch when you play!”  Apparently, I’m quite the “showman” or should I say show WOMAN.

WA state was hit with a terrible windstorm last weekend, which left us without power for 3 days.  We have pictures of us driving underneath street lights just hanging by wires only inches above our cars. 

Merry Christmas,

– J


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