Debut Album CD Official Release Date

I just received word from my production company back in New Jersey that the CDs will be all finished and shipped to me on the 20th of December.  The original date for release was to be the 15th, and so I’m a tad bit frazzled that they aren’t even shipping until the 20th – which means I won’t receive them until the 22nd.  But that’s the way the cookie crumbles, right?  I’ll just cross my fingers and hope that my loyal fan base will still buy my CD for all of their friends as belated Christmas gifts.

I have several gigs in December – several which are paid gigs (always a perk for a musician).  My biggest gig is this coming Sunday – as I’m soloing in a Christmas concert.  There is expected to be around 1500 people to attend.  I performed in this concert last year as well – it was a wonderful exeperience, so I’m looking foward to it once again.

I’ll be sending out the official CD Release announcement sometime this week, as well as launching the new website – which I’m really excited about.

Did I mention that I’ve had 2 different film directors approach me in the last week about scoring films for them.  I’m very interested, but having no experience I don’t feel confident enough at this point to accept.   But I hope to take some film scoring classes in 2007.  Heck it just might replace my day job.

Merry Christmas everyone –



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